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Endodontics East, PC


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Patient Testimonials

"Dr. Babick was everything my dentist told me he would be...confident, reassuring,.....and PAINLESS!!! He immediately explained everything in words that were so calming and reassuring - and let em tell you - i needed that! I was so nervous that I almost did not show up for the appointment. And I left his office thinking..what a wonderful man!! He relieved my pain, and inflicted none!!!"

Loretta B.,  New York, N.Y.

"What a surprise! Thought I needed a root canal. Was referred to Dr. B., and he told me that conservative management (i.e. NO root canal) was the best option for me. I appreciate his honesty."

T. O'Keefe, Atlantic Highlands, NJ

"I recommend that anyone who needs a root canal should definitely go to Dr. Babick. In the past I’ve suffered at the hands of dentists who are rough, incompetent, or inexperienced. Dr. Babick is neither. He is gentle, thorough, and highly professional, using state of the art equipment. I like the fact that he is focused on what is best for the patient. You don’t see dollar signs in his eyes. It is wonderful to be without pain, and I am very happy with my treatment."

Pauline Landis, New York, N.Y.

"My name is Sarah Medress. I was having terrible prolems with my jaw (TMJ) and a molar with a bad root canal. I was referred by a friend to Dr. Peter Babick. He is an Endodontist who really CARES. Not just him, but his entire staff, too something very rare. He took a lot of time figuring out my problems and SOLVED them alleven went out of his way to refer me to OTHER Dental Practicioners, to fix other dental problems I was having. He makes sure NOTHING hurtsand if it doeshe stops. He follows up with phone calls, and will even take an emergency phone call on a weekend/holiday!!! He is down-to-earth, and kind, and very good at what he does. I'm all better now, after 3 long years of pain and infection, thanks to Dr. Babick.

I strongly recommend his services to ANYONE, especially those who are a little afraid of seeing a dentist, of any kind. I really can't say enough good things about himhe made my quality of life 100% better, and I am now back to doing the things I love, like Acting and Boxing!

And it sure is great to be able to chew again!"

Sarah Medress Brooklyn, NY

"Dr. Babick somehow makes what is generally understood to be an unpleasant experience one that is almost pleasurable! His bed side manner is gentel and patient oriented. He'll make you laugh and put you at ease.This down-to-earth Dr. gave me the best root canal ever. I'll never go anywhere else ever again.THANK YOU DR. BABICK!"

J. Grygo,   N.Y.C.

 "I had an emergency root canal done by Dr.Babick. The office was immaculate and the front staff was friendly and helpful. Dr Babick put my stress at ease as soon as I seated myself in his chair. I was very impressed with the doctor's demeanor and professionalism throughout the procedure. I would without any hesitation recommend Dr Babick."

E. Dickerson, SW FLA