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Endodontics East, PC


General Information

It's All About Pain Mangement!!


Today, endodontic therapy has become far more associated with the relief of pain, rather than the cause of it.

Dr. Babick has published research on pain management, and we pride ourselves in providing state of the art pain management techniques in endodontics.  Root canal has long been associated with a negative experience. Today, we understand far more about the causes of, and how to manage the phenomenon of pain.  Through a better understanding of anesthesia, the neurological mechanisms of pain, and how to supress, or even prevent the pain response,  we enjoy an excellent reputation as one of the most painless endodontic offices around.

Clean, Modern, and Cutting-edge


Of course, we meet or exceed all standard infection control protocols.  We will go out of our way to assure that you are comfortable in our office.  Perhaps more importantly, we want you to be comfotable knowing that we have answered all of your questions, and that you fully understand all of your treatment options.